Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Many good things in life just take time.

How cute - Steve working with Hank on the new birthday bike.  This is actually going to be quite a process, with many trips down the driveway already.  I think Hank would have learned to ride by now if every time they go out, Hank didn't keep turning around every other second to simply make sure Steve isn't letting go.  Hank said, "It is so scary, I just don't want to fall down and get hurt."  True and sweet words.

When Sunny had to write a report on the noble pachyderm, she insisted on making this darling little Ellie.  As with many wonderful things, this was a labor of love that took the better part of a Saturday, but it sure was worth it when I saw the smile on her face.

Sunny took this picture and when I saw it I couldn't believe that Steve and I have been married for 20 years.  Again, a marinating relationship simply takes time, but is flavored all the more richly because of all those days and years spent together.


  1. Confession: I had to Google the word Pachyderm to see what it meant. Now I want a copy.

    Second, Hank is one of my favorite kids.

    Third, that is a fabulous photo of the two of you (okay, you look a little better than Steve).

  2. love this post. cute little elephant. good job hanky poo. love you and steve. you guys are the BEST.