Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Many good things in life just take time.

How cute - Steve working with Hank on the new birthday bike.  This is actually going to be quite a process, with many trips down the driveway already.  I think Hank would have learned to ride by now if every time they go out, Hank didn't keep turning around every other second to simply make sure Steve isn't letting go.  Hank said, "It is so scary, I just don't want to fall down and get hurt."  True and sweet words.

When Sunny had to write a report on the noble pachyderm, she insisted on making this darling little Ellie.  As with many wonderful things, this was a labor of love that took the better part of a Saturday, but it sure was worth it when I saw the smile on her face.

Sunny took this picture and when I saw it I couldn't believe that Steve and I have been married for 20 years.  Again, a marinating relationship simply takes time, but is flavored all the more richly because of all those days and years spent together.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

We Heart Valentine's Day

Nothing says Valentine's Day at our house like homemade heart-shaped pizza and a colossal, creative mess due to Valentine's box imagineering. I will miss this when all of my kids are too old to want to make Valentine's boxes. Luckily we have a few more years in our box-making bank account.
Hooray for messes!!!!

Sunny's darling "Love Bug"

In the thick of it all! Beware Sunny is armed and dangerous with the glue gun.

Panda-rifically Perfect - Great job Beata.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Hank's Man Cave

Eight blankets, six pillows, four pillow pets, and 29 stuffed animals later, Hank declared that his "Man Cave" was ready for him to go to bed. Apparently, Hank feels this elaborate collection of warm and fuzzy items will serve as a protective talisman against all sorts of real and imagined dangers. Sorry Boogie Man you are out of luck - there is no way to penetrate the protective magic of the Man Cave.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Creative Wonder!

Cute little Sunny made these Duct tape shoes yesterday. After she made them she said, "I just love being creative. It makes me feel good about myself." I couldn't agree more. I might have her make me a pair.

So Proud of my Beautiful Daughter!

Once again Rin has achieved a 4.0, while taking harder classes as a sophomore than I did when I was a senior. Great work Poppy!!! While maintaining her amazing grades Rin has also been on the Red Cross Youth Leadership Council, the Utah Youth Philharmonic, the Bountiful High Swim Team, the Bountiful High Debate Team, the Viewmont girls lacrosse team, the unofficial Bountiful High Alta ski team :), and most importantly, acting as the "lead dog" on a dog sled team with four younger, excited smaller dogs watching her every move as our family moves along the "Iditarod" of life. Thanks for being so helpful and such a great example to everyone in our family. Love you. xoxoxoxoxoxo

Go Shahtie!

This is my niece, Sarah Edwards. She is pretty much awesome at everything she does!!! She led the lady cougars to a stunning and decisive DMR victory this weekend. I love this girl and would love all three of my daughters to grow up to be exactly like her - happy, kind, creative, smart, beautiful (I sound a little bit like Aibee right here). xoxoxo

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Gingerbread memories :)

This year we didn't get around to making our gingerbread houses until Christmas Eve. I actually don't feel like Christmas is complete until I smell the tell tale aroma of nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger filling every nook and cranny of my house. I must say that the results were more darling than ever this year, with each of the kids having their own house to let their creativity fly. To me, gingerbread houses represent everything I love most about Christmas - something homemade, something yummy, time spent together and a celebration of creativity and individuality. I know that it is January, but I just simply had to post a couple of photos of the 2011 creations. Enjoy!